• Legal 14.01.2022

    TCPA is the acronym for the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act. This was passed to help fight against these pesky robot calls, also commonly referred to as robocalls. These robocalls are very common, some people get them every single day. The TCPA is in place to help stop these robocalls and protect the community from receiving them. Think about hiring Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLP a consumer’s rights law firm in Chula Vista to go over your case. If you keep getting unwarranted robocalls calling a lawyer might be the best thing you can do. Their Chula Vista lawyers know what steps and what actions need to be taken. It is illegal to send you phones calls from an automatic telephone dialing system. Your lawyer can help you combat these calls from coming through.


    When businesses do this it is much easier to take action. Chula Vista TCPA attorneys are there to help you stop these calls and take legal action. If there is a pause before someone on the other line starts speaking odds are this illegal system was used. When you have a TCPA case you will want to hire the Chula Vista consumer’s rights law firm, Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLP. These calls are annoying and can disturb your daily life. They come in at all times of the day and night. You check your phone thinking it can be an important phone call and it is instead a call that wastes your time and gets your off track. Call Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLP today if this keeps happening to you.  

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