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    Truck accidents happen all over the world, the United States, and that even includes Boise, Idaho. A truck accident can happen anywhere and especially in a populated area such as Boise. A truck driver’s job is travel around the United States making deliveries. This means that they can be anywhere at any time. The nature of their job also means that they are on the road for long hours at a time with minimal breaks. This is one of the biggest causes of truck accidents, is the tired drivers. If you were struck by a truck you need to get ahold of a truck accident lawyer Boise to understand your options moving forward.


    Hepworth Holzer are a personal injury law firm based in Boise. They will take your accident case very seriously. In this field on law you only get once chance to make your case. You don’t want to ruin that chance of getting your settlement by rushing in or picking the wrong law firm. That is why Hepworth Holzer takes their time in developing your case and making it as strong as possible before taking it to the court. They want you to get the most amount of compensation just like you do, which is why they put so much effort into getting your case right.

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