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    When a trucking accident case is in the eyes of a Texas jury, a lot must be proven before they can come to a decision. There are many reasons why big rig accidents tend to be quite complicated cases when it comes to personal injury claims and these reasons include:

      1) In order for one driver to win against another truck driver, they must prove that the other driver was negligent. This can be difficult because of the many different possible scenarios that one big rig accident may have occurred in. For example, there are many different dangers on the roadways today including but not limited to debris on the road, fog conditions, speeding cars, and slippery roads.

      If a driver is speeding, this can put other drivers in danger and be considered negligence. However, when a big rig starts sliding on an icy road due to weather conditions, it may not be possible to prove that the truck driver was negligent because of different circumstances.

      2) Truck accidents tend to be much more serious than car accidents because of the immense size and weight difference between a big rig and a car.

      3) Truck driving jobs require much more training than jobs in other industries which also makes it much more difficult to prove negligence on the truck driver's part.

     4) Big rigs have very strict guidelines for an operation that are required by law. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many truck drivers out on the road today who have not been properly trained.

      5) Because of the size difference between a car and a big rig, it is much more difficult for an attorney to locate eyewitnesses who may have seen how an accident occurred. This can be frustrating when time is of the essence in these cases.

      6) Truck drivers are trained on how to protect themselves and their cargo while they are driving. This can make it difficult for attorneys representing a client who was hit by a truck to prove that the truck driver wrongfully caused harm.

      7) A lot more time is needed to successfully litigate a trucking accident case than it takes to successfully litigate a car accident case.

     8) Truck accidents tend to involve much larger amounts of money because the trucks themselves are worth so much more than cars and other motor vehicles.

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