• Business 04.12.2018 Comments Off on Best Legal Counsel

    Big law firms often have very high hourly rates, why? Often an expensive personnel equipment, costs for a representative building etc. must be paid. My experience shows that so-called boutiques with about 10 – 20 lawyers specializing in specific areas of law demand significantly lower rates. Hourly fees below 300 euros or less are not uncommon. Some lawyers who also have experience in corporate legal departments know the cost of corporate lawyers from there. So you calculate the cost per hour that such a lawyer costs the company for salary and social security contributions. Make sure to find the best lawyer near you.They then orient their hourly rates, some are under 200 euros. As a result, from a cost perspective, they are a real alternative to setting up their own legal department for many small and medium-sized companies. And through permanent cooperation with the companies, the law firm also becomes the winner of this pricing policy.


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