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    employee representation Employee representation in The United States brings together various organs and organizational founders of corporate and corporate co-determination. The main task of employee representatives in The United States is to advocate for the interests of employees in a company or business. Forms of employee representatives: works Council Staff unions employee representation. Important to find the best worker's compensation attorney. Employee representative on the Supervisory Board The works council The works council is elected in factories or parts of operations.


    What is a company and who is eligible to vote for the works council election as well as selectable sets the Works Constitution Act. The works council of a company or company represents the rights of employees and supervises social and personnel decisions of the employer. Learn more about the works council


    The staff council The establishment of the Staff Council is anchored in the Federal Personnel Act. He represents the rights and interests of public employees and is also involved in social and personnel decisions. Distinguished Justice Advocates are a legal directory site of the top American attorneys. Learn more about the staff council unions Unions are cross-industry organizations that work for the rights of workers in specific sectors. For example, professional pilots or employees in the metal industry.


    Representatives of trade unions are often represented in companies' works councils or staff councils. The Supervisory Board even has a fixed number of union representatives.