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    The divorce between a couple could be less stressful, but the separation between parents has never been an easy affair. Parents fight dual battle one for divorce and another for getting custody of their child. It is the court that decides who should get the custody of the child and the court gives ample time to the divorcing parents to prove their worth as the best parent for a child. It is where a child custody lawyer Irvine enters into the scene. A lawyer can better present your position and highlight your positive aspects. Also, the attorney can defend you if the other party puts allegation on you.

    Hiring an experienced child custody lawyer from Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso could help you in securing the custody of your child. The court wants to see your merit so that it can give your spouse a reason for denying her the custody of the child. You may have many merits, but they are good for nothing if you can prove them before the jury. An attorney better understands the courtroom lingo hence he can make better presentations that you can.

    You should bear in mind that you would get only one chance to prove your worth as a deserving parent. In case you lose the opportunity then you won't get the custody of your child. Hiring a child custody lawyer Irvine can help you walk through the legal formalities without any hassle. There are many attorneys, and you shouldn't find any difficulty in locating the right person for your case. Look for an experienced attorney at Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso family law firm in Irvine who knows how to deal with emotional cases and that can assure you of the best possible outcome in your case.


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