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    Many people believe that child support is in a cookie cutter shape, everyone pays the same amount as the last case, and it is always the father that pays the child custody to the mother. This is not the case in every circumstance. And in one instance that idea is outdated in the sense that there are same-sex couples who have children together and then separate so in some families there is no father to pay the child support. Whitmarsh Family Law are a family law firm in Los Angeles who can help both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples determine and follow through with child support. The financial responsibility falls on both parents no matter the makeup of the parents. Los Angeles child support lawyers are there to help you get this child support in writing and ensure that it is what is going to aid your child.


    Child support can always be amended if it is necessary. There are various different reasons as to why in Los Angeles you could need to modify your child support. If one parent starts to make a lot more or a lot less money that is a very valid reason as to needing to modify the payments. It also can be modified due to your child’s needs as they age. Whitmarsh Family Law are a family law firm located in Los Angeles who have dedicated their career to helping families get the best for their children. You can rest assured that Whitmarsh Family Law is there to help you, they are very passionate about family law and helping people who are in need of legal assistance.


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