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    As a parent you have a duty to care for your child or children. You have to make sure your child is fed, clothed, and has shelter. You also have to make sure your child is safe and has an education. The common factor in that, is each of those basic necessities costs money. Living in Downey, California is not inexpensive, and raising a child anywhere in the world in not inexpensive. Which is why both parents are fully responsible for paying for the child’s needs. Even if the parents decide to no longer stay together, they are both still completely liable for the child’s basic needs, which means both parents are responsible for paying for the child’s necessities. The Downey family law firm, The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro will be there to help you get through this child support case. Having a child support lawyer really will be in your best interest.  


    One thing that needs to be kept in mind when going into a child support case is that the whole reason for this is for the sake of the child. This isn’t to get back at your ex and take more money from them than your child needs, or this isn’t to give one parent more financial control that the other, it is simply to make certain that the child has what it needs. If you go into your case with other any intent it will not be taken well. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro the family law firm in Downey also is representing you but also your child. Their care is what is the most important aspect. Your child support attorney Downey is thinking of your child, so be sure that you are too.

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