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    Why hire a Los Angeles child support lawyer?

    In this case, you are either trying to get money from your ex to help support your child you are trying to pay a reasonable amount to help your ex pay for your child. Either way, you need to hire a child support lawyer in Los Angeles. Children cost a lot of money to make sure their needs are met. Clothes, food, shelter, school supplies, etc all of which are critical in a child’s upbringing. Both parties want to ensure the child is taken care of. But you also don’t want to pay for more than you need to or don’t want to get less compensation than what is needed to raise your child.

    This is where Land Legal Group comes in. Land Legal Group is a Los Angeles based family law firm. They want to make sure your child is cared for and that you’re still able to survive. They understand child support law and are here to help you.

    Directions To Our Los Angeles divorce and family law Attorney Law Firm

    Land Legal Group

    1900 Avenue of the Stars #1800
    Los Angeles, CA, 98052
    Phone: 310-906-4878

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