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    The maintenance obligation is most often equated with the obligation of parents to maintain their offspring. The Park City law also provides for “reverse” regulations enabling parents to apply for maintenance from their children. It is worth emphasizing that the maintenance obligation may occur in various configurations between relatives in a straight line and siblings, e.g. grandparents may apply for alimony from grandchildren and vice versa, provided that there are no other persons in a closer degree of kinship that can contribute to the maintenance of relatives. A Park City family law firm like Smoak Law, P.C. can help in your case.

    From year to year you can meet with more and more such cases in court. Basics of granting alimony to parents The rationale for parents to recover from their children is their paucity , understood as the impossibility of satisfying their justified needs with their own financial and property options. Hire a Park City child support lawyer. Most often such a situation occurs in the case of serious diseases of parents, preventing them from taking up employment or their advanced age. The person seeking to obtain alimony from children is obliged to prove their difficult life situation. Smoak Law, P.C. is a Park City Divorce law firm.

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