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    Colorado is one of the more beautiful states, with loads of options for outdoor activities, one of the most popular is bicycle riding. Bicycle riders are allowed on the streets of Denver, and they tend to wear helmets and reflective gear or stickers to allow others to notice them more easily. Even with a majority of bicyclists doing what they can do to be visible, bicycle accidents still happen. Donaldson Law, LLC are a personal injury law firm in Denver who represent those who have been severely injured in a bicycle accident. Unfortunately, even though these cyclists are wearing their helmets, they do not have a lot to protect them in the event of an accident and it can cause some major injuries.


    These injuries can include but are not limited to, broken bones, dislocated bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, road rash, bruising, internal bleeding, and in the worst cases they can die. Which is why it is so important that drivers learn to share the road with these cyclists. Denver bicycle accident attorneys do their best to recover financial compensation for their clients. Their clients have been through enough pain and suffering because of this accident, the last thing they need is to be worried about how they are going to pay for their medical bills. If the cyclist is doing everything by the law, and doing everything in their right it is all on the negligent party. Bicycle accidents can happen at any time of year and anywhere, though they are most common in the early mornings and the start of nighttime during the summer months.

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