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    In inheritance law, the descent is crucial for the determination of " legal heirs " In family law, parentage obligations result from the descent. Persons who are related in direct line with each other, each other to maintenance obligation (see. The chapter on maintenance for relatives). The mother of a child is the woman who gave birth to it. This sentence, at first sounding like a truism, gets its real meaning only when one looks at the so-called "surrogate motherhood".  Whitmarsh Family Law, PC is a family law firm based out of Los Angeles.


    With him, it is made clear that it does not depend on the genetic descent, crucial for motherhood is the birth of the child.It must be distinguished whether the mother is married or not. Get a Los Angeles family lawyer. The duration of the marriage before the birth, also a marriage immediately before birth leads to the marriage of the child. It is also irrelevant whether the spouses have still lived together at the time of conception or birth: the mere existence of marriage at the time of birth makes the husband legally the dad of the child, even if the spouses have long been separated the woman turned to another partner.

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