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    Consulting a family law lawyer in Los Angeles requires putting resources into an association to comprehend customer’s circumstances and objectives with regards to deciding paternity which is the reason the lawyer at Land Whitmarsh LLP firm is focused on your particular lawful tries from start to finish. Land Whitmarsh LLP firm is a family law firm based in Los Angeles. They have the experiance in this field to get you the help you need. 

    Choose a legal paternity test if you need the results to be admissible in court. With this method of evaluation, you will not receive or have any kind of access to the samples. Instead, whoever takes the samples sends them directly to a laboratory.

    The following criteria must be met in order for you to be able to use the test results in court. Establish the chain of custody by properly following the first six requirements.

    * An approved impartial third party must collect test samples. Approved third parties can include phlebotomists, doctors, medical technicians, lawyers, lawyer’s assistants, and paralegals.

    * Both the biological mother and the alleged father have to provide valid photo IDs and social security numbers.

    * The biological mother and the alleged father must both provide fingerprints and submit to having their pictures taken.

    * The test results are notarized.

    * All parties sign identification and consent forms. The legal guardian of the child should sign their form.

    * All samples are carefully tracked throughout the entire testing process. The chain of custody has to be upheld.

    There are several situations requiring a legal paternity test. Court admissible results will be required in child support matters in order to determine who is financially responsible for a child. With child visitation rights, a legal paternity test is required so the court will know who has a right to visit the child. If you are in a custody battle that deals with paternity, it is essential to hire a paternity lawyer.

    Adoption agencies usually require a legal paternity test because both biological parents have to consent to the adoption. Inheritance and citizenship cases, as well as insurance claims, sometimes require results from a legal paternity test.

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