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    Personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks from Fox and Fox Law Corp can help you in your Personal injury cases.

    It may, in particular, relate to:

    1) in the case of life insurance – the death of the insured or the age of the insured person;

    2) in the insurance of the consequences of accidents – personal injury, health disorder or death as a result of an accident.

    In personal insurance contracts, the benefit does not consist in compensating the loss by monetary damages, only on payment of the agreed sum of money, pension or another benefit in the event of an insured person’s life as provided for in the accident contract. Its amount is determined by the content of the contract.

    The main criterion determining the amount of compensation is primarily the size of the harm suffered, and its immeasurable character means that the assessment in this respect should be made by the court on the basis of the whole circumstances of the case, while it has a considerable margin of discretion.

    Consequently, its assessment may be challenged only if the award granted is grossly inappropriate (underestimated). This may occur either as a result of ignoring important criteria in setting its amount or by giving or not to receive the appropriate remuneration, or finally determining the amount of compensation in a way significantly different from that granted in similar cases. Hire Fox and Fox Law Corp from Sherman Oaks, California.

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