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    If you were involuntarily involved in a traffic accident with your vehicle, you should pay attention to the following points in your own interest: The injured party is in principle free to commission an expert of his choice to secure evidence and determine the extent of loss and the amount of damage. This applies even if the insurance has already ordered or sends an expert without the consent of the injured party. The costs for the expert report are subject to reimbursement. However, if a so-called minor damage is present should be sufficient proof of damage usually the cost proposal of a specialist workshop. A Portland auto accident lawyer will understand how these cases work.

    The complete preservation of evidence on the extent of damage and the amount of damage ensures that the injured party is fully reimbursed for the damage claims to which he is entitled. The preservation of evidence about the amount of damage also ensures that the accident damage can be fully recognized and possibly eliminated. The preservation of evidence about type of damage and extent is required in many cases, even if there is later on the damage or annoyance about the repair execution. With the help of the report, the accident-related downtime of the vehicle can be determined, so that compensation claims regarding rental car or compensation for loss of use can be better documented. When selling a repaired vehicle, the fact of a car accident usually required disclosure.

    The amount of a possible impairment claim can usually only be substantiated by an expert opinion. Without independent vehicle experts, motorists often forego depreciation up to several thousand euros. The injured party is free to have the repair costs reimbursed by the accident opponent on the basis of a damage report submitted by him (notional billing). You have the right to have your car repaired in your chosen workshop of your choice. If you do not need a rental car and your vehicle is not available to you due to an accident, you can demand compensation for loss of use instead of the rental car. The height depends on the respective vehicle type. The classification of the vehicle according to the amount of the loss of use can be made by a car expert.

    Keep the handling of the damage in your hands always in your hands, even if you are offered in particular by the liability insurance of the accident partner, the entire settlement of the damage. Do not allow an independent vehicle expert to be eliminated by so-called claims management. To enforce his claims, the injured party may appoint a lawyer of his / her trust. The costs must be borne in principle by the insurance of the injuring party. The independent vehicle expert helps ensure that the opposing insurance is protected against incorrect compensation. This serves all policyholders who ultimately finance the damage repair with their premiums. For more information visit Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman a Portland, Oregon personal injury law firm.

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