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    A product that does not offer the safety that can be expected is defective according to the Civil Code. As a result, the producer of that product will, in principle, have to compensate for the damage caused thereby. This rule applies in all member states of the United States. The damage to be recovered is limited to damage to persons (death or physical injury) or damage to property used in the private sphere. The procedure for recovering damage is relatively simple. Law Offices of Jon Friedman are a personal injury law firm in Portland.


    Guilt does not have to be proven. The presence of damage and demonstrating that the damage was caused by a defect in the product is sufficient in Portland. This is called a risk liability. and you'll need a Portland product liability attorney. This risk liability applies to everyone who is involved in the 'product chain'. Retailers, brokers and importers can therefore also be addressed. However, retailers and brokers can 'escape' this liability by timely disclosing the identity of the producer or importer. Law Offices of Jon Friedman a Portland product liability law firm.

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