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    Purchase of a product accords you certain rights as a consumer. The most basic of them being your personal safety as you use the product. Companies have an obligation to design and manufacture safe to use products. A defective product can be dangerous and put you and the people around you at risk.

    When injury occurs because of a defective product, the manufacturer is liable for the injury. And at Eppsteiner and Fiorica Attorneys L.L.P believe you should be compensated. You need product liability legal help to fight for you in this difficult and painful time.

    Defective products cases or product liability cases cam include:
    – Defective vehicles.
    – Defective guardrails.
    – Defective medical devices, appliances and products.
    – Dangerous drugs and injectables.
    – Nicotine poisoning.
    – Defective children’s products.
    Among others.

    Their large experts database, diligence to investigate the company and specific or related products, their vast experience and commitment to go to trial fully prepared has proved to be the backbone of their stalwart success in product liability cases in California.

    Some of the compensation options available for to you which they can pursue include:
    – Medical bills.
    – Lost income.
    – Lowered economic value or earning capability.
    – Pain and suffering.
    – Last expenses in case of a wrongful death.

    You may not be sure if you are a victim of a defective product and entitled to compensation, but their initial consultation with you will help you to get a clearer picture on this. They will also discuss what monetary award you are entitled to and which they can pursue.

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