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    Bicycle is considered as a vehicle by State law. Every bicyclist has right and duties toward the society as other vehicle owner do. It’s important for a bicycle owner to follow bicycle laws when travelling. This helps other by regulating traffic and them by avoiding bicycle accidents. Here are some important road laws that a bicyclist must follow when travelling on road.
    Sec 545.107 Hand and Arm Signal When turning the bicyclist should give hand and arm signal.
    Sec 551.102 Genera Operation A person may not use a bicycle to carry more persons than the bicycle is designed to carry with one rider per saddle. A rider at all time must have at least one arm on sidebar however it is safer if two are used.
    Sec 551.103 Operation on Roadway Rider should ride near the curb if going slower than the rest of traffic going in same direction.Rider may ride side by side unless they do not disturb traffic. Riding on one lane is advisable.
    Sec 551.104 Safety Equipments Every bicycle must be equipped with brakes capable of making wheel skid on a dry clean pavement.If a person is riding bicycle at night time he must have white light on front and red light on rear.
    Sec 551.105 Racing A sponsoring organization may hold race on public road after approval of local law enforcement agencies.
    We know that you love to ride on your bicycle. Make sure to follow these road laws while driving a bicycle to avoid any road accidents and keep you safe.