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    The domestic violence is the growing concern today, especially to women where they’re threatened and beaten to some extent mercilessly. The acts which are being interpreted as the domestic violence under a law include the physical and the psychological attacks and also the disturbances or the harassment being caused by an abuser with the intention to threaten a victim to these cases a family member or the spouse.

    The domestic violence which is between couples is very common and to many times, victims are wives even though many at times this violence can extend towards the step children. To such cases domestic violence attorneys Los Angeles provides certain solutions. Handling these situations all in yourself is not prudent; instead you need to contact the Whitmarsh Family Law.

    These steps can be helpful when mending your own relationship, though, if you imagine that a reason behind the violent threats is your spouse, then the psychological disorder or the illness of or a mere fact which he or she enjoys offering the threats and it may be very difficult for one to control or even prevent them where it can be better for one to take the legal advice from domestic violence attorneys Los Angeles.

    The key remedy which is in the Law for this behavior is a Protective Order or the Restraining Order that orders an abuser in keeping for the distance from a victim. The preventive order can order an abuser in staying away from a victim’s room, workplace or home, and it can go to the greater extent and ordering the separation and allocate certain distance of the abuser in keeping some feet etc. If the abuser is found violating the order, he or she may be charged for the trespass that is the criminal offense to itself. Also, if an abuser have beaten a victim, he or she may be charged with the greater offenses like an assault or battery.

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